Digital Marketing & Project Management Services

QZ Global Specialises in Digital Marketing, Content Strategy & Project Management to help Businesses achieve their target.

Delivering Projects Successfully

QZ Global is a partnership formed around the creative ideas and needs of our customers with the one goal in mind, to get things done. With over 15 years of professional experience in the field of Information Technology, Financial Services, Project Management, HR Management, and Print & Electronic Media we have worked on and delivered a variety of web projects.

Digital Marketing

The web is a complex virtual village with every business vying for attention. Our digital marketing services help in identifying areas of improvement, optimising your online presence and achieve your objectives sooner.

Project Management

Project management lies at the heart of all projects executed well and we happen to have the finesse pilot your project with skilled ease and great proficiency allowing you to do more with your time and budget while we see to the finer details.

Content Strategy

QZ has the foresight to strategise content in a way that it gets the attention it needs, and with the right audience too. We also offer copy-editing services to fix your old content so it can add relevance to the message you want to get across.

Successful Project Deliveries Across the Globe

Last we checked, we successfully commenced & delivered projects in the UK, Canada, Middle East, Pakistan & USA. With our combination of web consulting, content strategy and project management, we make sure there is no stone un-turned. Using a myriad of tools available to us, we work in complete synchronisation with our clients and providers.

Signature Process

Our 3 step methodology is simple; Assess (the problem), Strategise (plan for solutions) and Deliver (the project / solution).


Analysing our client’s project requirements, we determine the most suitable solutions for their current challenges and go one step further and offer end to end service proposal for best results.


Planning and creating intricate solutions for an effective and efficient project delivery. We pride ourselves in building hassle-free, fully warranted services.


Undelivered, till client is satisfied. That’s how we think. Our project completion means nothing to us if our client is unhappy with the delivered services.

Project Success Over 7 Years

Our clients range from small, medium sized businesses and soloprenuers to digital marketing agencies in Europe and North America. A common thread in all these projects is our focus on quality and ability to deliver.


Client Retention


Project Delivery

Case Study: End to End Service Delivery & Project Management

TechVise, a technology blog for a non-techie person was taken over by QZ Global in 2016 and formally relaunched in 2 months.

  • Oversee content planning, development and publishing
  • Manage advertising
  • Over 250% Traffic and Visitor growth Year on Year in the last 3 years
  • Revenue increased by more than 300% since 2016

In 2018, a local version for Pakistan was also launched.

The Team

This is our core team. We pride ourselves in client retention solely because of the dedication and commitment to deliver all projects like they were our off-springs. Yes, it’s a bit unconventional, but that’s how we groove.
Quratulain Habib

Quratulain Habib

Co Founder & Head of Projects

Zahra Habib

Zahra Habib

Co Founder & Head of Business Ops & Media

Arif Ahmed

Arif Ahmed

Advisor Marketing & Analytics

Satisfied Customers

“I would recommend QZ for product manager work, regardless of where you may need help in the development cycle.  They are very knowledgeable, hard-working and they deliver on time.  I felt they always had the project’s best interest at heart, so I felt you could trust their advice.”

Jonathan Powell

Media Strategy & Launch Consultant

“QZ Consulting proved to be a one stop solution to our website designing dilemma. They are exceptionally competent and took care of everything from helping pick a template to advising on content and then to actually putting everything together. Throughout the process, they were extremely tuned in to our needs and business requirements which ensured that the end result was perfectly designed to meet our specifications.”

Saman R. Imtiaz

Advocate High Court, Imtiaz Law