Refund Policy

Payments made to QZ Consulting / QZ Global INC LTD would be subjected to the following refund policy.

  1. All Content Administration and Review fees are non-refundable and are not subject to any sort of refund policy.
  2. If any payment was deemed to be non-refundable, and once received, then the payment cannot be refunded, returned, exchanged or credited against some other work.
  3. If a payment was made as a refundable payment, then the refund period applicable is 60 days from the date of the invoice / first invoice email sent to client.
  4. Refunds outside the 60 days period would be subjected to a reduced amount. Only 50% of the original amount would be refunded.
  5. With QZ Consulting / QZ Global INC LTD agreeing to give you a refund, you give up your right to seek any sort of damages via legal proceedings (civil &/or criminal).
  6. Once the refund is provided to you, you agree that the matter is amicably settled in full and no other claims or refunds will be entertained.
  7. No refunds can be claimed or would be given after three (03) months from the date of 1st refundable payment that was made to us.

Unless otherwise agreed to upon in writing as a signed contract, all refund payments (irrespective of the type of refund being made), shall adhere to the following schedule:

  • All refund payments should be paid in four (4) equal instalments.
  • All instalments shall be spaced 30 calendar days apart.
  • The 1st instalment shall begin within 30 days from the date when both parties have agreed towards a refund.
  • Refund payments will be made and proof-of-payment(s) shall be shown by QZ Consulting / QZ Global INC LTD to the party to whom the refund is being made to.
  • All FX conversions (if any) and/or mid-bank deductions, etc. would be borne by the receiving party.
  • QZ Consulting / QZ Global INC LTD can request the user to show their bank statement or e-wallet/payments system statement as proof of confirmation of receiving the payment.