Standard Warranty

Software Warranty Period

The service/website warranty period will start immediately after User Acceptance Testing (UAT) signoff. Warranty period will be for duration as provided under Standard Warranty. During this period, QZ Consulting will rectify all issues in the software at no additional cost during support hours of Mon-Fri 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PKST.

Standard Warranty

Total Contract ValueUAT PeriodWarranty Duration
Less than USD 1,899 or £ 1,4505 days2 weeks
USD 1,900 – 4,999 or £ 3,90010 days3 weeks
Above USD 5,000 or £ 3,90015 days6 weeks

Note: Working days only. Weekends and holidays are identified in advance and excluded from warranty duration as per mutual agreement.

Support Delivery

During the UAT and warranty period, support will be provided via MS Teams / Email. We do not use WhatsApp for support services.

Type of fixes covered under UAT and Warranty period

Corrective (to fix bugs/errors)All errors that are highlighted in the website / web software will be rectified.
AdaptiveAny changes within the existing website / web software schema, sitemap or wireframe & linked to existing scope.
Content updatesUpdates to existing content/pages on website


Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. The client will appoint and provide a technical manager to administer the application at the client end. This system administrator (or his appointed backup) will be the single point of contact to QZ Consulting for maintenance and support during the UAT and warranty period.
  2. Support for Live sites during warranty period is between working hours only.
  3. Support hours are from Mon-Fri 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PK ST (GMT+5).
  4. Response & resolution time will be as follows:

A. Emergency / Urgent: Under 1 hour response. This is only applicable on Live sites which are facing any one or some of the following problems:

i.    Defacement / attack: Anything that causes the home to appear different than usual. This includes problems with meta descriptions, site titles, page titles etc.

ii.    White screen of death: Where the site appears to not load and shows only a white screen.

iii.    Server Error: Any of the 500 error series.

Furthermore, free support on the cases above is only applicable if:

  • Server / hosting is provided by us
  • Hosting was purchased  via us
  • Security package was purchased before or during the development of the website / web application

The client may be charged additional fees to cover costs associated with resolving the underlying issues. In the event the client had not purchased security at the time of the problem, QZ will asses the problem and communicate the costs for assisting or resolving the issues.

B. Fixes & Enhancements: Response in under 4 hours. Resolution time will vary depending on the problem or request.

C. Content updates: 2 hours response & 24 hours resolution.

  1. The client will assist QZ Consulting in any problem diagnosis. This may include step by step scenario replication, exchange of details via email, screen shots, remote desktop sharing, and if acceptable the transfer of the latest database to the support team.
Warranty Exclusions

The following items are not covered under our software warranty and they are provided ‘as-is’. Any issues or problems with these items will be communicated to the original software developer by us on your behalf during your software development, UAT, warranty and support period:

  1. Free and purchased software
  2. Free and purchased themes
  3. Free and purchased plugins, modules, libraries, etc.

Post Warranty Period /Live Support

Once the warranty period is over, client can choose to buy from any one of our maintenance plans. Please give us a call or email us at accounts[at] to purchase a plan.

Maintenance PlansDetails
Standard – MonthlySoftware update support plus 3 hours a month that can be used against enhancements, design updates and content uploads / modifications. No rollover of hours.
Standard – QuarterlySoftware upgrade support plus 5 hours per month that can be used against enhancements, design updates, content uploads. Hours expire at the end of 3 months.
Premium – QuarterlySoftware upgrade support, online monitoring (uptime + system security), daily backups and restore, plus 8 hours per month that can be used against enhancements, design updates, content uploads. Hours expire at the end of 3 months unless the contract is renewed (in which case 50% of remaining hours are carried over to the next quarter).

Change Request Form

For any functional changes in the website / software beyond its original scope will undergo a formal Change Management Process. A Change Request Form (CRF) will be filled out after mutual acceptance between the Client and QZ Consulting. CRF will follow the same guidelines for UAT and warranty periods covered under standard warranty.The scope is outlined within the signed Proposal and/or in the Creative Brief.

This Software Warranty is updated from time to time. Last update was on: 24 January 2023