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Dedicated, Hardworking and Fun Techies… that’s us. We tend to love the projects we work on, so join us if you think we will add some oomph to your work life.

Current Positions


Content Writer

Are you a creative and passionate writer who can responsibly manage time and articles, research where it’s required, and work in full collaboration with other team players?

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We are currently looking for someone who can work from their own comfortable space between the hours of 10am to 6pm on ongoing projects.


For this we need someone who…

  1. Is looking for a stable and steady job which revolves around creative content writing
  2. Has 2-3 years of relevant experience in article writing and editing
  3. Can juggle multiple writing projects in standard UK and US English
  4. Is able to bring a unique voice to the readers
  5. Express themselves well and have decent verbal communication skills
  6. Actively enjoys reading and stays far away from plagiarism.


The job role also requires you to be efficient, honest and willing to learn.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Mass Commuinication or Journalism.
  • Active interest in reading and being aware of latest trends in consumer technology, buisness, marketing, and fintech.
  • Self-motivated, comfortable working by themselves
  • Experience and detailed knowledge of writing styles such as News, Product Reviews, How to Guides, Long form articles, and Listicles.
  • Knows how to write in Standard UK and US English.
  • Is comfortable publishing on WordPress and using plugins for keyword optimisation.
  • The role requires you to have a reliable & high-speed internet connection and be located in Pakistan.
  • Be comfortable with Video and Audio Conferencing/Remote Work.

Digital Sub Editor

Are you a creative, critical and reliable person who can responsibly manage digital editing, proofing, and vetting information in the ever-growing confusing digital world?

Yes? Read On...

We are currently looking for someone who can work from their own comfortable space/or our home office environment between the hours of 10am to 5pm on ongoing projects.


For this we need someone who…

  1. Can proficiently write, rewrite, edit and research, with an eye for detail and an understanding of the special requirements of web writing.
  2. Can make sure that house style is adhered to (house style means the particular style conventions of a given publication, eg the publication’s tone and punctuation/grammar conventions)
  3. Is familiar with features, news, articles, reviews, listicles, and guides & can liaise with editor and other team members.
  4. Can come up with ideas and speak up in meetings.
  5. Ensures that write-ups are the right length with a good headline, attractive conclusion and previewed correctly before publishing.
  6. Makes sure that all written work is accurate and does not compromise legality.
  7. Can juggle multiple projects, is able to express themselves well and worl with internal team members.

The job role also requires you to be efficient, honest and willing to learn.


  • Qualification in English or media studies degree may be advantageous.
  • Creative writing, proofreading and/or subbing skill are preferred.
  • Self-motivated, comfortable working by themselves when needed.
  • Be comfortable with Video and Audio Conferencing and/or Remote Work.
  • Editing skills with hands-on experience with MS Office, Canva or other publishing tools
  • Basic knowledge of SEO & familiarity with CMS such as WordPress
  • Excellent writing skills in English & attention to detail
  • Creative & Critical thinker

Our Values

We pride ourselves in client retention solely because of the dedication and commitment to deliver all projects like they were our off-springs. Yes, it’s downright unconventional and even silly to put it up here, but that’s how we groove.

Our Mission

We want to launch your next big idea in the most effective way possible. This means taking a result oriented approach and not the cheap way out. Subpar code, plagiarised copy, poorly thought strategy and failed execution – this is not us.

Making an Impact

We don’t dress in Gucci to make a splash, but we do use proper code, original designs, creative concepts and correct verbiage to strike the precise balance between your project delivery and its impact.

Company Culture

We rely heavily on honesty, integrity and timeliness. We also believe in listening to clients and using common sense while working on innovative projects. We don’t indulge in politics, cricket and gossip.

Perks & Benefits

Build Your Career

We guide and mentor our employees to grow beyond their initial skill set.

Virtual Meetings
We don’t have to meet you to know you are keeping up with the pace, our Skype meetings, emails and work submissions have the tendency to do the same.
Your Own Weekend

We realise a weekend is supposed to recharge you, so we make sure we charge our batteries and want the same for you.

No Traffic
No need to battle traffic everyday. Working for QZ will save you on car fuel, it’s maintenance, extended commute time and and the sights and sounds of city life.

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